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See Money Management!

[graphic representing Purpose section] Purpose
The purpose of this Web Site is to provide Law Enforcement families and under served law enforcement communities with essential psychological information and improved access to family support services.

[graphic representing Online Educational Workshops section] Online Educational Workshops
Does your agency or organization want to do something positive for families, but hasn't had the time or resources? Check our on-line workshop materials developed by police psychologists for spouses, parents and children - anyone who knows and loves a cop.

[graphic representing Just for Kids section] Just for Kids
Law enforcement kids (LEkids) needs have often been overlooked. Check out our Just for Kids section for teens and children and tell them about us. They will find games, their own message board, special links and much much more!

[graphic representing Chat Rooms and Message Boards section] Chat Rooms and Message Boards
Don't let yourself be isolated. One way for police families to communicate with each other is in our chat room. Our chat room will be up and running each week and we'll kick things off with a question or, families can drop in on our message board anytime.

[graphic representing Bouncing Back Challenge section] Bouncing Back Challenge
Have you bounced back from a crisis? Would you be willing to share how you did this? Each month the Bouncing Back Challenge gives you an opportunity to tell us about it and to help someone else in the process.

[graphic representing Family Resiliency Resources section] Family Resiliency Resources
This area contains links to other law enforcement sites, a recommended reading list, and a list of mental health counselors that can be contacted at your own discretion.

[graphic representing Strategies 101 section] Strategies 101
Master the art of positive communication! Strategies 101 helps you develop or strengthen the skills needed to be resilient; skills like problem solving and active listening. Test your communication skills by completing the resiliency exercises.

[graphic representing Money Management section] Money Management
Ease the strain by using this section to look at your economic health. We provide calculators and guidelines to help you.

[graphic representing Psychologist's Soap Box section] The Psychologist's Soap Box
Hear from nationally known police psychologists and consultants. They will share their ideas about how to support law enforcement families. The soap box is updated each month and postings from past months can be viewed by clicking on the archives.

[graphic representing Calendar of Events section] Calendar of Events